Best of Blogs: Sports!!!

I went to my first hockey game last week Friday, it was absolutely amazing. I called my lucky night, because not only did I win the tickets to go (that’s the only reason I went), but I also won the “Jersey off our backs” contest and found $50 the next day. So, I got to meet one player and got his smelly, sweaty jersey that he played in at my first game. Pretty cool, I know.

But anyways, just thought that was a cool introduction to my sports blog. I’m really a follower of sports, I do enjoy watching occasionally especially football. It was challenging to find three blogs that I thought were best to write about.

Sports Blogs is a blog covering all sports. I think it’s great because instead of just listing most recent blogs it is categorized by most popular blogs at the top. There are multiple blogs for one day that you can search by day, by team, or by sport.

Hang Time Blog City is perfect for basketball fans, in my opinion anyways. A regular word press blog gives daily updates on everything basketball. It’s simple enough that anyone can maneuver and read through it also keeps your attraction with pictures and video footage of the games. Hang Time was created by Sekou Smith and managed by him.

What would my introduction worth if I didn’t include something on the Tampa Bay Lightning…

A local and once again a blog from St. Pete Times, Lightning Strikes is strictly dedicated to covering the Bay’s hockey team. I don’t understand much about the sport itself but I think this blog is really straight forward and just by reading it, you can learn quite a bit about the sport.

This Blog allows readers to follow the Lightning through the hockey season with Damian Cristodero and the Times sports staff.

Oh and of course I would include the picture of the player who I got to meet and he was cute too.


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