Martin Fennelly: Man of many words

Confident, humorous, intelligent and laid back he was sitting in the classroom like a student wearing his shorts.  Martin Fennelly, columnist at the Tampa Tribune has had over 20 years of experience writing columns. It is no question why he is so good at what he does. As wise and well versed as he is, many upcoming writers today look up to him and his writing, he could write an 800 word column in whatever alloted time he is given, even if it’s 9 miniutes.

One thing that he said that really grabbed my attention was his wise words of “speak well, write well, read well.” These three techniques goes hand in hand with each  other like three peas in a pod. Life is communication and it is ALL about the words. Words are important, without any words there wouldn’t be any jokes or stories.

Fennelly, the great sports columnist, writes because he like to entertain. He enjoys speaking his mind and painting a picture for his readers.

Look at this recent column that Fennelly wrote: Manny Ramirez:The one hit blunder. I bet you can’t herself but to laugh. His short sentences grabs and keeps your attention and makes you want to read more and more.

Martin Fennelly was one of my favorite guest speaker for this class, he was cool and laid back with a great attitude. Never mind that he was a little fidgety, and I was sort of distracted with him playing with the bench, but his talk with us was great and inspiring. I do agree with him that humor is what makes the world go around. I wish I could be at least half as funny as he is in this writing, then I’d be a better writer. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

Check out some of his columns: Martin Fennelly.


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