Best of Blogs: Public Affairs

Looking for three political blogs was a little challenging but  I did, however, find not only interesting but also informative blogs. Politico is a national blog along with  CNN Political Ticker and The Buzz is a local Florida blog on

Politico is clear and concise and has up-to-date blog entries. This blogs almost everything, from entertainment about an new movie about the Kennedy’s to the upcoming 2012 election. Will Donald Trump really run for president? Politico is very interactive almost like a regular website. It has videos and pictures to keep your attention and with a full staff of bloggers you can count on the fact that the information read on this blog is credible which makes it a pretty legit political blog.

Photo provided by CNN Political Ticker

CNN Political Ticker, another national blog, covers a wide range of topics from Donald trump new gig on Fox to Jesse Ventura’s thoughts about Sarah Palin. I think CNN Political Ticker is a well-managed blog with archived stories, photos with each blog and very informative topics about upcoming elections. It also provides links to other political news stories which is also a plus. So, if you’re into politics and looking for a blog to subscribe to, this is the blog for you.

Photo provided by

The Buzz is  a great blog for Floridian politics. Written  by the St. Petersburg Times staff, The Buzz offers the latest in Florida politics, and according to the blog’s description, The Buzz is the can’t-miss-it source. So, if you live in Florida, this is the blog for you. A credible source with no biased opinions, just straight politics about what’s going on.


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