The Deal Divas

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It’s nice to have job in the field that you love, but when you get to do something that is more like a hobby under the institution’s name it is even better…. Writing blogs are fun, it’s a place where you, as the writer, can take your readers any where your imagination wants to wander. Go far away like Alice.

In this case I’ll be talking about the St. Petersburg Times Deal Divas Blog. This fashion blog draws in women of all ages and different styles.

Not being too familiar about who the Deal Divas were or what they talked about on their blogs, I was looking forward to listening and learning about how much fun blogging for work is, even if they don’t get paid for it. I learned that being stressed all day long with the more serious type of writing, blogging for these Divas is a get away, a mind relaxer. I am shocked at myself  for me not knowing about this blog, but let me tell you… I’ve been on the blog everyday since I’ve learned about it. 😀

Letitia Stein a veteran in the divas’ blogosphere explained how juggling two jobs can be difficult especially when she’s technically only be paid for one. It’s a side job, she said, with a mental break from the regular job of hard news as a health reporter but she keeps up with writing. Blogging is a way of being plugged in with a mental break from the hard health stories she has to write.

“It’s a blog with a purpose and it is fun to write,” said the Deal Diva Kim Wilmath. Kim is the most recent Diva who explained that having diversity in your writing will attract readers and it will create a relationship with them. Blogging creates a conversation versus hard news writing.

Deal Divas:
Stephanie Hayes the funny one is hilarious
Kim Wilmath the retro gurl
Letitia Stein Ms. Classic
Emily Nipps


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