Best of Blogs: Entertainment

After tons of searching and surfing of the Internet I came across many and many blogs. Some were informative some were silly some were but I came to the conclusion that finding what makes a good blog is very subjective. It is all in what you are interested in. Therefore I picked three different entertaining blogs that I think are tasteful, entertaining, and informing. is blog covering everything Celebrity and is basically Hollywood’s gossip blog. This is a great blog because it is visited by many, so many that Perez Hilton now gets paid for his blog. He’s also become a very famous socialite and is very entertaining if you are one of those people who live and breathe celebrity gossip. Other contributing factors that lends to the fact that this is indeed a good blog are as follows:

  • It has contact information
  • It has other links and resources to other blogs
  • It has search boxes to find info that appeals to your specific needs
  • It has pictures! (everyone likes pictures)
  • Perez tend to tell his whole story in the pictures he uses with silly remarks and drawings he makes on the pictures.

    An image that Perez posted on his blog

    Below is a Screenshot of


    Screenshot of website

    Best Week Ever is almost similar to Perez Hilton’s blog but not so much gossip. This blog is from the VH1 show that recaps all things Hollywood in the past week. It is entertaining. This blog also has pictures and video of illustration. The blog is updated daily more than once a day. It is a good blog because it has professional writers that compose each blog and read their blogs when you click “meet the bloggers” on the sidebar.


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