Editorial or Column? Which one am I really writing?

Some people find hard to distinguish between the format of how an editorial and an opinion column is written and I am one of those people. There are several ways to tell between the two, told by Joni James the deputy editor of editorial of the St. Pete Times.
Columns are like the anchors of that page, it challenges perceptions, try to get people who has a certain opinion to broaden their minds if not change it. It is important to not contradict the paper, and if you know that the paper or your organization changed its opinion you have to state clear the previous opinion and why the organization is making that change. Maintaining this dialogue with the readers, your paper continues to have credibility and accountability. Also, when it is your job to have an opinion it is important to remain neutral to accept all sides of news. Keep dialogue open.
Joni James gave a little secret that I found very helpful. She gave what she calls the formula for a good editorial.
Formula to write editorial:
Paragraph one: You state the problem and you propose a solution to the problem.
Paragraph two: The ‘Bone’ or structure of the problem. This graph hold the editorial together, it is where you write about the topic, state as much facts as possible.
Paragraph three: This is where the dissecting of the topic goes. It is the why or why not your chosen topic is even worthy to be the topic of the editorial in your paper.
Paragraph four: Recap of what needs to happen.
By reading this blog, I hope that you can now tell the difference between what is a column and an editorial. Below are a few links to a few editorials and blogs.


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